Limited access to the student council room

Due to circumstances presented by the coronavirus, our student council room is only accessible within limits. To allow for normal operation and the distribution of old exam papers in particular, we have created a Doodle to display all the timeslots we can manage and operate.

Please choose a free timeslot and arrive on time to ensure limited (to no) contact with previous or following students. Don’t forget your PPE to reduce risk of infection for us and yourself. If no slot is available, we are fully booked – do not worry though, new timeslots are added regularly.

If you have time to help out us and other students, you can gladly contact us and help out with exam distribution as a volunteer.

E-Mails of our faculties to the students

Dear fellow students,

the deans and deans of studies of our faculties recently wrote e-mails informing about the current situation concerning the state of teaching in the summer semester.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science published the e-mails on the start page of the faculty homepage.

Unfortunately the e-mails by the physics-dean of studies have not been published on the faculty homepage. As not all our students have received these mails you can find them here:

03.05.20: deanofstudies_mail3 (pdf)
15.04.20:  deanofstudies_mail2 (pdf)
03.04.20: deanofstudies_mail1 (pdf)

Photo of students by javier trueba on Unsplash

New student at Heidelberg University?

The students’ representatives council MathPhysInfo is offering an induction event for all new Master’s students on Thursday, April 16, 2020 starting at 2pm (CEST). As this event mainly addresses questions regarding the organization of studies and various service offers for an everyday life of a student in Heidelberg it aims to especially introduce newly arriving students at Heidelberg University to their new learning and living environment. After an introductory presentation there will be plenty of time to ask individual questions, so that everything is set for the summer term. Please note that there might be an additional welcome event from the faculty or institute for your programme.

The Master’s induction event is open for all postgraduate students in the Mathematics, Applied Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physics and Scientific Computing programmes.

Due to the unprecedented current situation this event will take place online. In order to join the virtual event on the heiCONF platform, you simply have to visit the following webpage:

Please don’t hesitate asking questions already prior to the event via email to

Update April 17: For all those of you who weren’t able to attend this event online, the following recording has been created. You can find the slides online and also the questions and answers from the chat.

Hardship scholarship

Right now, corona pandemia is a challenge for all of us. Many of you might loose their jobs or cannot be supported by their parents anymore in case they loose parts of their income due to corona. We do not want anybody to get lost in bills or even to drop out of university due to financial reasons. That is why we want to remind you of the option to apply for a hardship scholarship. This special scholarship should prevent students in financial trouble from dropping out of university. Please send applications to the responsible committee. Further information on all the desired documents are provided by the university students council. Currently, applications can only be submitted via e-mail. This scholarship is an offer to all students in financial need including refugees and students from abroad.

Make a good time for now and stay safe!

Digital learning collection for physics

Due to the current unprecedented situation, it is very important to provide valuable online teaching methods. In the scope of an eLearning Challenge, we want to collect links of examples (e.g. YouTube videos, scripts, animations, etc.) for professors and physics students. Therefore, share your preferred learning material and websites with us. If you know some great platforms, please add them to this form.

Please share this message that the database can grow steadily. The bigger this collection, the better our teaching next semester! If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your participation and stay healthy, 

Otto Hahn eLearning Team Uni Heidelberg

Creating shared notes

Since quite some time we as student council are running CodiMD as an internal service. You can create shared notes, presentations and many more things while collaborating in real time through an relatively easy to use UI.

We now opened an installation of the tool to the public:

If you have any questions regarding the tool feel free to write an email to

Happy Hacking,
Your Student Council

Current note: Adjusted lending

Due to the urgent measures of the university administration, the office of the student’s council had to be closed. Therefore, the lending of sample exams and examination reports is not possible in its current manner. Nevertheless, a quick software development effort allows the forwarding of examination reports via email. Please contact us if you are interested. Unfortunately, sample exams are not covered, which is why a lending is not possible until further notice.

A read-haired Woman wearing a mask

Lectures in Times of COVID-19?

Dear Students,

following the order of the German Ministry for Science, Research and Arts (MWK) all teaching in our faculty is put on hold without replacement until the 19th of April.

We as the student council percieve it as our task to represent the students as good as possible in these challenging times. Together with the faculty members, we discuss and test various digital teaching solutions to ensure your studies during the upcoming summer term despite the aggravated conditions.

For further information about the disease and regulations we reference the official statment from the university of heidelberg, the german Robert Koch institute and the Federal Agency for Health related Information(german only)

As soon as we get new information about changes in teaching and regularisations, we will keep you updated.

Until then we wish you refreshing holidays and stay safe folks!