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We are the representative of the students in the faculty of mathematics and computer science and the faculty of physics and astronomy.

Our main purposes are to …

  1. … represent the students in different university committees and communicate with professors.
  2. … help, whenever they encounter difficulties during their studies.
  3. … organize events for the students of faculties such as the introduction to studying at Heidelberg University each October, a newcomer meeting at the beginning of each semester in particular for international students or one of the biggest student parties in Heidelberg.

If you are looking for information about studying at Heidelberg University, please contact the International Relations Office. They can also give you information on requirements for the enrolment and the application process. Please note that only the master’s degree in physics and the master’s degree in scientific computing are offered in English, while all other courses of our two faculties are mainly taught in German language.

We can answer questions about the particular study environment and student life in Heidelberg. You can contact us at fachschaft@mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de.

In case you are in Heidelberg, we are happy to welcome and advise you. You can reach us at Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, room 01.301.



Meet and Greet on Wednesday

On 16th of December at 6pm (INF 308 gHS)  we organize a meet&greet with "Glühwein", as we have recognized that a contact gap as developed between you and us. We'd like to change this. Furthermore we'd like to give a face to the "Fachschaft" (a.k.a. student association). Therefore we shortly present several projects which we are involved and report about the current status. This comprises committee work, the StuRa, internals of the student association, MathPhysTheo and board game parties.  After a short presentation we'd like to snugly sit together with "Glühwein" and cookies and chat a bit. We hope you will come by with many curious questions and we can spend a nice evening.  Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/632547160217756/

Newcomer Meeting WS 2015

recycleEvery Semester the Fachschaft offers a Newcomer-Meeting for everyone who is new in Heidelberg (e.g. new Master students). We are doing a pub crawl in the old town

on Wednesday October 14th 2015
at 8:00 pm
at the fountain on University Square.