Last update 23.5.2018

Every semester the students council is conducting the evaluation in cooperation with the study commissions Physics and Computer Engineering.
The evaluation of math courses is conducted by the Mathematics Faculty itself.
If lectures are assigned to both faculties who is evaluating depends on the individual case.


The evaluation in the summersemester 2018 is conducted during the week 11th to 15th of June.
We always try to set the date around the beginning of the second half of the semester, so that the students already have a solidified impression of the course and some things during the semester can still be adapted.

Evaluated Courses

The faculty is obligated to have all its courses evaluated at least every two years. We try to evaluate as much as possible every semester due to the evaluation order of the university. Courses that are evaluated by us are lectures, seminars and the beginners and advanced lab course, furthermore journal clubs and researchseminars also need to be evaluated (because they are part of the masters module handbook).
There may be some confusion about what is finally evaluated, so we created a list with all evaluated courses for this semester. Besides that you’ll find our current state of information about who is the lecturer and how many students are approximately taking part of the course. If you find a mistake or a false assumption please let us know.Thanks!

(see german page for tables)


At the beginning of each semester the teaching personal of the faculty gets an email by the deans office with information about the evaluation for the current semester.
One to two weeks before the evaluation a personal reminder email is sent containing the exact date. If the evaluation can not take place at the proposed date (exam, lecture is canceled etc.), the room was changed or if less than five students are participating at the lecture (we are not allowed to evaluate in this case due to the evaluation order of the university) we would be pleased to know.

Seminars: This semester we will not send a students representative to this type of course. Instead the lecturer will get the evaluation sheets by in-house mail, including an information sheet (german) about how to proceed. Reasons for this changement are often occuring room changes or schedule problems, moreover we need people to evaluate the lectures. We know it’s a nice feature having the sheets distributed by students and it means a lot to us to for our credibility as representatives.

Evaluation day – Lectures

At the beginning of the lecture someone from the students council is steping up to the lecturer, introducing oneself and distributing the sheets. The students may get all the time they need to fill in the forms. If less than five students are present the official evaluation can not be conducted. After filling in the forms the representative is bringing the sheets to our office.

Evaluation of seminars and lab courses

This type of evaluation is not bound to a rigid schedule as lectures, but it would be nice if it could also happen at around the same week because of the time we need to scan the sheets and type and sort the commentaries.
The distribution of the sheets can be done by the lecturer, taking them back should be done by a voluntary student for guaranteeing the anonymity of the participants. This person should also bring the collected sheets to the evaluation box. There’s a sheet for every lecturer, the group should decide if one only wants to evaluate his own supervisor or evaluate all supervisors. This measure could assure that there are at least 5 evaluation sheets per lecturer so that the die is fulfilled.

The evaluation of the beginners lab is taking place at an experiment day close to the end of the lab course, the students bring their sheet back to the evaluation box by themselves.
In the advanced course the students get their FP-evaluation sheet when they are presenting their seminar lecture.


The sheets for seminars and lab courses have to be brought to a special box in the assistant rooms at the beginners lab course (INF 226 ground-floor, 00.211).
Beware: Please do not put the physics sheets in the math faculty’s box in the Mathematikon!

Evaluation sheets

Lectures: de/en
Seminars: de/en
Beginners lab: de
advanced lab: de
unofficial sheet: de


After the evaluation the sheets are scanned and the comments are typed and sorted by us. In general the lecturers get their results the following week. Prospectively tutors will also get their personal results directly by us.

Besides that the study commissions are getting the entirety of the results to review the generals problems. The teaching price is rewarded based on the evaluation results.
In addition the heiQUALITY-Bureau is getting the results of the so called central questions, which are only the beginning questions.

If we have your written permission the results are published at the locations:
KIP-Foyer, “studentischer Arbeitsraum”, Philosophenweg 12 staircase, students council offices Mathematikon and PI.


Questions, criticism and suggestions are always welcomed.
Write us an email at evaluation@mathphys.stura.uni-heidelberg.de.
The evaluation is currently administrated by Mathurin Choblet (Organisation) and Henrik Reinstädtler (Technical support). Forms-distributing and comments typing would not be feasible without many people in the students council.

For some background information on the evaluation please check the german version of this page.