To bring you the latest news from the Fachschaft, we built a RSS-feed with all news posts. If you don’t want to read about everything, you can subscribe to specific topics only. Please note that most news are German.

everything https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/feed
computer science https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/category/info/feed
math https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/category/mathe/feed
physics https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/category/physik/feed
talks https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/category/talks/feed
 parties https://mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/w/category/feten/feed

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